Hit Somebody Back to One Film

While I’m a big Kevin Smith fan, and despite his many shortcomings over the years, I’ve always enjoyed his films.  While I may not defend him or his films with fervent passion, I do look forward to his films, and I quite enjoyed Red State.  With his next film, he has made quite a bit of noise about the fact that this will be his last film, as he always planned to do only 10 films anyway.

Later, he reported that Hit Somebody had grown so large that it would actually be two films, shot back-to-back, and each half would be representational of a major point in the life of his lead character.  Now, Smith has decided two films is indeed overkill (as many internet personalities seemed to agree) and Hit Somebody will only be one film after all.

Smith took to Twitter, where he has a large following, to say:

[Hit Somebody is] about taking one, good shot“.

So it seems that’s what he has decided to do, and as many have pointed out, he may have been having a bit of trouble finding enough for both films, especially with the first reported to be about the main character’s childhood, and rise to fame as a hockey player.  The second half would be about his professional career.  Now, I’m curious what got left in Smith’s recycle bin to thin the script  back to one film, and I’m sure he’ll shoot another 30 minutes that will go on the Blu Ray extra features anyway.  Either way, Hit Somebody is his 11th film, and the fact that this will only be one film doesn’t seem to change the fact that he plans for it to be his last film.  It will open sometime in 2012.

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