Hilarious New Red Band Trailer For Michael Bay’s ‘Pain & Gain’


“It’s called pain and gain, so don’t be a little bitch.”


I’ve been waiting for Transformers director Michael Bay to return to his R-rated roots and luckily for us it looks like Pain & Gain is going to deliver in heavy doses. This dark comedy based on a true story about a couple of idiot weightlifters/gym workers (played by Mark Wahlberg, Dwayne Johnson and Anthony Mackie) that decide to rob a rich man (Tony Shalhoub) for everything that he’s worth is honestly looking like the first actual comedy of the year.

2013 has been a barren wasteland of shit so far, with a few notable titles creeping out, but none of them have actually been funny.

The first trailer for Pain & Gain hinted at Bay’s ability to go full-crazy and this new red band trailer undoes the covers and shows us completely just how far Bay and his muscled crew are willing to go. Some of the humor on display is downright hilarious, while other moments are for sure going to grow on me with repeat viewings.

Pain & Gain has been on my radar for quite some time, but now it’s front and center. I cannot wait for April 26th.

Check out this hilarious new red band trailer below:


Source : Yahoo!

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