Highly Anticipated Trailer For Max Payne 3 Is Here

Just a few days ago Steve broke the news about Rockstar confirming Max Payne 3 for March of next year, amongst other cool details and now today we can show you the debut trailer. It features Max in a new location, which brings a new set of problems. The graphics look fucking killer and the game play looks promising. I’m looking forward to diving my way through levels in super slow-mo, shredding up enemies with some lead!

I can’t wait for this game to hit already. We’ve all been chomping at the bit to play the third chapter in such a legendary and iconic series and it looks like Rockstar is set on March for release, but the title has been bouncing around for a few years now, so don’t get too comfortable with the new date.

Check out the trailer below, thanks to CHUD.


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