Here’s A Picture Of A Prototype Playstation 4 Controller

Some days, you wake up and you can just smell that it’s going to be a fun news day in the gaming world, filled with majesty and wonder. Other days, you get this:



We’re allowed to euthanize inanimate objects in 2013, yes? All joking aside, I’m glad that they’re keeping roughly the same design of the Playstation controller around for another generation; after all, it wasn’t broken, so why on earth would they fix it? Granted there’s some unholy anomaly in the middle of it, and what looks like a headphone jack on the bottom, and the analog sticks…well, they’re just plain goofy lookin’. And is that a Move sensor on the top of the controller? At least they’re not making people spend more money than they have to, I guess. I have a sneaking suspicion that the ugly screen in the middle is going to play a more important role than I want it to, but we’ll find out for sure when Sony unveils the Playstation 4 on February 20th. And keep in mind, this is only a prototype. For all we know, the final product could look like a boomerang.

Source : Kotaku

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