Henry Cavill Returns In ‘Justice League’ With New black Superman Suit

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice left Henry Cavill‘s Superman in an interesting spot…. DEAD!

Yeah, the “big” ending that director Zack Snyder begged people not to spoil on Twitter was the death of Superman, thanks to an end-all situation battling Doomsday.

Truthfully, I thought it worked from an emotional standpoint, because up until that point they’ve mostly been getting Superman wrong, not so much in Man of Steel, but definitely in Batman v Superman.

I liked the concept of “killing” him off for a while, until someone could figure out how to properly write him.

But I guess he’s coming back pretty quickly in Justice League and it looks like he’ll be sporting a new resurrection suit to boot.

Henry Cavill has teased the following image via Instagram:


A photo posted by Henry Cavill (@henrycavill) on

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