Henry Cavill Returns In ‘Justice League’ With New black Superman Suit

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice left Henry Cavill‘s Superman in an interesting spot…. DEAD!

Yeah, the “big” ending that director Zack Snyder begged people not to┬áspoil on Twitter was the death of Superman, thanks to an end-all situation battling Doomsday.

Truthfully, I thought it worked from an emotional standpoint, because up until that point they’ve mostly been getting Superman wrong, not so much in Man of Steel, but definitely in Batman v Superman.

I liked the concept of “killing” him off for a while, until someone could figure out how to properly write him.

But I guess he’s coming back pretty quickly in Justice League and it looks like he’ll be sporting a new resurrection suit to boot.

Henry Cavill has teased the following image via Instagram:


A photo posted by Henry Cavill (@henrycavill) on

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