Help Save A Part Of American History, Vote For Project Drive-In


Two of my favorite moments of this summer were spent at a drive-in movie theater, where I was surrounded by friends and fellow movie-lovers as we shared the magical experience of film on the big screen while sitting in the back of a pickup truck. Drive-in movies used to be commonplace back in the day, yet now they’re shrinking in size and quickly becoming a thing of the past.

And I’m not going to allow that.

Drive-in movies have been a part of America’s culture for decades. They’ve been dying out slowly and slowly, but now this year it’s looking like most of them will fade away into the history pages as the movie industry pushes out film in exchange for digital projectors. The change would cost somewhere in the ballpark of $85,000 per screen, which is a price that most drive-ins probably wouldn’t be able to come up with in years.

This is frightening and we need to do something about it.

Honda and Sony are teaming up for Project Drive-In, which is a voting and donating-based project that spreads drive-in awareness to the masses, while also helping to save at least five drive-ins from disappearing come next season.

Honda has set up a website which shows a video (see below) that explains why drive-ins are so important. They’re more than just a place to watch your favorite movies, but a place to share a community experience with your fellow friends, family and strangers.

On the website you’ll be able to vote for which theaters you think deserve the upgrade the most, while also being able to donate your own cash towards the cause. If you can’t donate or don’t feel like voting, then please share the news on Facebook or Twitter (hashtag #SaveTheDriveIn) or whatever social network that you belong to.

Call your grandma and let her know that her favorite three-screen drive-in down the road is in danger of closing and that you and she can both make a difference with the click of a button on your computer.

Project Drive-In also ties in with Sony‘s releasing of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2, which will screen exclusively at the winning drive-ins.

Do you live near a drive-in? If you’re one of the rare birds that do then you should make it an extra priority to visit before the summer season is over. Show your support by purchasing a ticket to American history in front of your very own eyes. (Here’s a link to the MN-based drive-in that I attended, for any of you local readers.)

Like I said, I’ve been to the nearest drive-in two times this year and I might plan on another trip before the season is over, because there’s nothing quite like experiencing a drive-in with your friends and family. The car engines starting mid-movie, the cheesy pre-movie advertisements selling the dollar hot dogs and the general easy-going atmosphere are all a part of what makes drive-ins so special. Also, is there really any other place that you can pay the price of one ticket to see two or three films?! Drive-ins are cheaper than regular theater experiences and come with none of the painful distractions.

Seriously, watch this video below and check out the website to donate or vote for the cause.

Project Drive-In is a good thing that needs your help. YOU can help keep your local drive-in alive and kicking!

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