Help Leads And Apes Follows (Friday Box Office)

I must say that Friday’s numbers are kind of shocking. Taking the top spot was The Help, which marks for the first film since January that has risen to the top, opposed to opening on top. The Help took in an estimated $5.8 million on Friday, which makes for a $57.1 million dollar total gross so far. Following in second place was Rise of the Planet of the Apes, which brought in $4.6 million, making its total gross $122 million. I’m glad Apes is holding strong and doing good numbers.

Of the new releases this week it seems that the one most people were targeting low actually ended up doing the best business. Spy Kids: All the Time in the World brought in an estimated $4 million on Friday, which kind of surprised me since most were tracking it to be the lowest opener of the batch of new releases, but I guess the kids needed something to see. Following behind Spy Kids was Conan the Barbarian, with an estimated $3.7 million. Conan flopped hard and I doubt it’s going to be making much money this weekend if it keeps it up. I’m curious to know how cheap it was made for. If it was made somewhere in the $20 million dollar ballpark then I think they have a chance, but anything higher isn’t going to be good for Lionsgate.

Finally, tracking in at number 5 was the remake of Fright Night, which brought in $3.5 million. I’m really shocked with this one as it was probably¬† the most advertised out of the new releases and it looked like a for sure end of the summer grab for all the teens looking for a fun horror flick. Maybe the fact that it’s a remake turned away most horror fans and then the combination of the 3D and the R rating scared away everyone else, but who knows?

Check back on Monday for the full weekend box office!

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