Director Neil Marshall is getting ready to deliver us a promised “gritty” and R-rated version of Hellboy that features Stranger ThingsDavid Harbour in the titular role, with Milla Jovovich and Ian McShane along for the ride.

There’s been some bad blood between Hellboy creator and Hellboy & Hellboy II director Guillermo Del Toro, which eventually led to a cancellation of Del Toro’s Part 3 and an ordered reboot.

Until now, we’ve been greeted with posters and images, again hinting at a darker, more “bad ass” version of Hellboy.

Today, we’ve got our hands on the first-look trailer, which is honestly more of the same, when compared to the previous two films.

This trailer features one cool-looking headshot that might benefit from an R-rating, but mostly operates as a light and fun-look at the character, with lots of jokes and lots of questionable visuals that have me thinking that this is going to be a stripped down (budget-wise) version of what we’ve already seen.

I sure hope that there’s a secret red band trailer hiding somewhere on a hard drive, because this trailer has me wishing that Del Toro never got the boot.

Harbour looks good in the role, but does anyone else sense boredom from this trailer? Are his eyes even open?

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