Hear The First Track From Brendon Small’s Galaktikon!

It wasn’t all the long ago that Metalocalypse creator and musical mastermind behind the fictional death metal band Dethklok revealed that he would be releasing a solo album that was a little more rock than metal.  Well here were are and not only does that project have a name (Galaktikon) and killer album art (above) but the first song from the album, titled “On My Way”, has been released and let me tell you, it lives up to its expectations.  Check it out below.

As Small said, it’s not exactly a metal tune, but it’s still got all the fixin’s that make for a quality metal-tinged hard rock jam.  Brendon’s signature reverb-laden guitar noodling is very present, and the constant double bass make this more than just a hard rock song.  I’m presuming that’s Small doing vocals as well, which is an interesting change for him, but as expected, he pulls off the James Hetfield/Eddie Vedder style pretty well.  I can’t wait to hear more, for pretty much anything Small touches turns to flame soaked gold.

There’s no official release date for Galaktikon yet, but presumably it will be out sometime in April.  Fingers crossed!


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