HBO Now launches in April


For people excited about watching live, legal HBO programming I have good news and bad news. One barrier for you has been removed, but another has temporarily  been constructed. HBO’s live streaming service will become available just in time for the premiere of Game of Thrones, Silicon Valley, and VEEP in early April. You will have access to HBO’s entire catalog of content… as long as you own an Apple TV or iOS device. Apple has exclusivity for the HBO service for the first 3 months. Unfortunately that means the fifth season of Game of Thrones for example, will have concluded by the time the masses will be able to access HBO Now on other devices like Android, Xbox, or any other myriad of devices you might use. Take that as you will, however from the looks of everything else, the service seems very exciting. Live streaming of the HBO channel from any device and complete access to the entire catalog can be accessed for just $14.99 a month, no contract either (for Apple users, the first month is free by the way). The pricing isn’t fire sale pricing and Netflix gives you significantly more titles, however I believe the quality of HBO entertainment more than make up the difference. Stay tuned for the launch and my review of the HBO Now service. and

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