‘Harold and Kumar’ & ‘American Reunion’ Directors Want To Go Back to the Future Again

Hayden Schlossberg and Jon Hurwitz are best known as the creative forces behind the Harold and Kumar movies, having written all of them and directed the second film, Harold and Kumar Go to Guantanamo Bay.  Now they are back in the director’s chairs for American Reunion, which they also wrote the screenplay for.  As promotion ramps up for the movie, MovieHole spoke with the duo, learning some interesting things about what they would like to do with their deal at Universal Pictures, including going Back to the Future again.

“We want Back to the Future, just come out and say it”, Scholssberg admits. “That’s our favourite trilogy. We’re always having this conversation…”

Hurwitz says, “There’s an influence in this movie and the Harold and Kumar movies in the sense that I remember, we both remember loving Back to the Future, and the second one coming out, and just feeling the excitement of seeing it, and people can debate and argue how good it is and everything but that’s what I love about franchises and sequels is, “Oh my God, it’s coming out.” So for us American Pie Reunion, it’s… If it’s a fraction of the excitement of what that was, that’s the kind of movie going experience that we like, we like to try to get.”

They also say that if they were given the go-ahead, it would be a sequel rather than a reboot.  Many believe that Universal would be protective of one of their beloved properties, but time and again, we’ve seen that late sequels, reboots, and remakes make money, and that’s all Universal honestly cares about, their bottom line.  Everyone would definitely go see this film, whether they had high or low hopes, so when a duo of filmmakers that has a deal with the company says they want to do it, I’m sure at least some development work will get done on it.

Commence fan grumbling!

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