Hanna Review

Every so often a film comes out and gets a ton of praise and positive buzz, even though the trailers looked like complete crap. I usually tend to wait these ones out for home video, but if I read enough positive stuff from trusted writers, then I usually find myself taking the plunge. Hanna was one of those films and what a disappointment it was. It felt extremely slow and boring with barely anything happening. The action was average at best and the story seemed to never go anywhere. The only redeeming quality of the film was the score, composed by The Chemical Brothers. I honestly think I would have been better off watching a blank screen while listening to the score. I should have trusted my gut instinct that was telling me to avoid Hanna as if it were the plague. Now I sit here with six dollars less in my pocket. Thankfully I saw this early in the day and didn’t have to pay full price for a ticket.

Hanna is about a girl who is raised to kill people in the wilderness. Her mission is to kill the person who murdered her mother and the mission goes live whenever Hanna feels like she’s ready. So realistically, if Hanna wanted to wait for 50 years, she could, but then this murderer would probably be dead, which would mean that Hanna wasted her whole life training!

So once Hanna presses this button, everything goes to hell. Men are assigned to take both her and her father down. Hanna’s father leaves town and plans on meeting up with her at a later date. Hanna is now thrown into a world that she doesn’t understand. She’s spent all of her life locked away in a secluded area training for this very moment and now she is released into the wild. She knows very little about how other people operate. Her only instinct is to kill.

This all sounds fine and dandy if we were actually allowed to witness some of the killing, but most of the movie pulls back right when it starts to get good, mainly due to the PG13 rating. Hanna mostly suffers as a film because the story is never fleshed out and it leaves to many unanswered questions. This lady that Hanna is assigned to kill ends up coming after Hanna and during several moments in the film Hanna could have easily killed the lady, but instead she keeps waiting and waiting until it’s convenient to end the film. If they would have gotten to the point of the film it probably would have ended in 25 minutes, but the director makes sure to stretch every scene as long as possible and fill the film with tons of pointless moments. It’s these moments that make a so called action film into something dull and lifeless.

The only character you partially care for is Hanna and even that has its boundaries. Her childhood is sad and her upbringing is quite unusual, but who wouldn’t want to be trained to be a bad ass? Life must really be rough if you can single handedly take out five people at once. Yeah, it sucks that she was never able to experience a normal life and it’s cool to see the scenes of her acting more “normal”, but Hanna is an ACTION movie and we want to see her brake some skulls, not attempt to kiss a boy.

Besides Hanna and sometimes her father, the rest of the cast is just pointless. These so called killers spend all this time tracking down Hanna and Hanna spends the entire time running, yet when they come into close distance no one makes a move. It’s a continuous game of cat and mouse, yet the cat isn’t even hungry and the mouse doesn’t seem to care if it lives or dies.

The Chemical Brothers do however manage to deliver a very good musical score. It has a constant techno beat that cruises along as the story VERY slowly unfolds. The score helps piece together the action and make the movie not a complete waste. I feel like the score was wasted on such a boring film. I hope these guys continue to get the praise for their score even though the movie is complete trash.

Overall, Hanna is a very dry film. It tries to be a unique action movie, but it fails in every department that counts. The action is barely there and the story takes up most of the screen time and never manages to make complete sense. Some of the shots were creative and the music really was good, but that can only go so far. Don’t bother with this one in theaters at all.

Hanna – 5.5/10

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