‘Halloween Returns’ Snags A Director

The Halloween franchise is one of those money-makers for Dimension Studios, which means that it’ll probably never die.

Horror director and musician Rob Zombie tried his best to reboot the franchise with his own two entries, which were met with some horrible criticism from fans and critics alike.

I always defended his remake, thinking that it was a gritty re-imagining of the John Carpenter classic, while others hated it because of Zombie’s “trashy” approach to the characters and the timeless classic character.

His sequel was received a little better, with most at least admitting that the man has visual talent, even when his stories crumble to the ground.

Now, it looks like the series is going to come back and start over, ignoring Zombie’s entries as well as some of the later sequels.

The film is going to be titled Halloween Returns and Marcus Dunstan will be directing from a script that he worked on with his frequent collaborator Patrick Melton.

The two were responsible for penning the later Saw films, while also creating the modern horror icon found in The Collector and The Collection.

I love the two filmmakers and think that they’ve done great things for modern horror films, constantly using practical effects and relying more on gore and creativity than simple jump scares and repeats.

I hope they bring that same approach to the Halloween series.

Source : Variety

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