Hall Pass Blu-Ray Review

Hall Pass stars Owen Wilson as Rick and Jason Sudeikis as Fred. Rick and Fred have been best friends for some time. They both are married men who are obsessed with sex. The only problem is that they haven’t necessarily been getting anything from their wives. Their wives, Maggie played by Jenna Fischer and Christina Applegate as Grace, get fed up and disgusted by their actions and grant both of them a once and a lifetime opportunity. The opportunity is that they are allowed a one week hall pass. The hall pass allows them to do whatever they want, with whomever they want. According to the trailer the definition of Hall Pass is “a week off of marriage to do whatever you want without consequences.” Both wives go out of town together to give their husbands the entire week by themselves and of course the husbands take advantage of this. Throughout the movie you follow them day to day trying to hook up with multiple women. You’ll find yourself laughing hysterically at how horrible they are at picking up girls and how terrible they are trying to talk to them. For example, the trailer has one of their pickup lines. “Excuse me, do you think these bar napkins smell like chloroform?” As Fred is reaching a napkin out towards her face. “I’m kiddin’, (I’m) Fred, can I buy you a drink?”

I felt like the acting from both Owen Wilson and Jason Sudeikis was great. They were both excellent for their roles. I really liked Wilson in Wedding Crashers when he pretty much played the same type of character who was obsessed with sex. His jokes and one liners were hilarious. When it comes to Sudeikis I felt like he did just as good. I haven’t seen a whole lot from Sudeikis, the only thing I’ve really seen him in was Going the Distance. He has done a lot of stuff with Saturday Night Live and 30 Rock, neither of which I really watched. I think he has a lot of potential in the future. The supporting cast did an excellent job. I felt that Christina Applegate and Jenna Fischer fit the roles of the wives. I’m not going to lie, seeing Fischer outside of her character of Pam on The Office threw me off for quite a bit. I hope to see her more in the future, branching out from The Office.

Hall Pass is written and directed by Peter Farrelly and Bobby Farrelly. The Farrelly brothers are best known for their comedy films such as; Dumb and Dumber, There’s Something About Mary and Me, Myself & Irene. Personally I liked their other films so I was expecting them to bring a lot of hilarious one liners to the script. It seemed to me that they were able to bring exactly what I was expecting to this film.

Overall I found myself to really enjoy Hall Pass. When I saw it in theaters I couldn’t stop laughing throughout the entire thing. The one concern that I had was, is it going to be as funny at home as it was in the theaters? The environment between the two settings is drasitcally different and sometimes this drastic change can effect whether the movie was as excellent as you once thought it was. Are the funny parts going to be as funny as they were when you were with a packed audience or are they going to flop when you are with a much smaller group. I didn’t find it to be much different than it was in the theaters. I still laughed just as much as I did watching it on my tv than I did in theaters. Then again, this type of humor might not be for everyone.

With Hall Pass I was plesently surprised on how clear the video quality was. I honestly wasn’t expecting a whole lot when it came to the video quality because it’s a comedy and there really isn’t a huge emphasis on CGI and such. The color tones were nice, rich and deep. Some of them might have been too rich and deep though. I know some people didn’t have an issue with it but I found myself having an issue with how tan some of the character turned out to be. It was more of a slight distraction than an issue, really. Other than that though, surprisingly, I found Hall Pass to have a pretty decent transfer onto Blu-ray.

It seems that this transfer boasts a DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1  surround track that fits perfectly for the heavily dialogue style this movie takes. The dialogue is nicely centered and crisp. However when the scenes do get a little bit more busier they tend to drift towards the back which is always a welcome to the ears. Overall Warner Bros. did a pretty good job with this lossless track.

Hall Pass is lacking any major punch with their special features area on this Blu-Ray. We are granted four different options that boast a total of 13 minutes of special features.

Extended Cut: On this Blu-ray we are granted the option of watching either the theatrical version, which stands at 105 minutes, or the extended version that features 7 minutes of extra footage. There isn’t really a whole lot of difference between the two.

Deleted Scene (HD, 4 minutes): If you notice the title of this section is “Deleted Scene” not “Deleted Scene(s)”. Therefore that 4 minutes is one single scene. Nothing fantastic at all.

Gag Reel (HD, 2 minutes): This is suppose to be a funny outtake section, however it’s nothing of the sort. I found it to be a waste of 2 minutes.

BD-Live Functionality

DVD Copy

Digital Copy

When you throw in the lack of the special features with the movie itself one might find themselves disappointed. Personally, even with the lack of specials features I found myself very happy with this Blu-ray. However I still throw caution in the wind towards people who may be looking at it and thinking they might not like it. This type of comedy isn’t necessarily aimed towards everyone. You are either going to like it or you are not going to like it. Just remember that Hall Pass is written by the same people who brought you Dumb and Dumber.

Movie – 8.5/10

Video – 7.5/10

Audio – 7/10

Special Features – 3/10

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