Hack/Slash Gets a New Director!

The long-delayed film adaptation of the popular comic Hack/Slash may finally be making some forward progress after years of seeming pretty dormant.  The comic concerns Cassie and Vlad, two stone cold killers that hunt Slashers, or other killers, for reasons all their very own.

For those that haven’t been following the film’s production, here’s a quick recap of the journey Hack/Slash has made toward the big screen:

  • In 2008, writer Justin Marks (Street Fighter: Legend of Chun-Li) was originally hired to write the screenplay for the eventual film.
  • In 2009, Todd Lincoln is attached as director of the project.
  • Also in 2009, Fredrik Bond is the replacement for the now-gone Lincoln
  • Late 2009, Steven Susco was hired to pen a draft

Now, since Relativity Media has taken over the project under their Rogue Pictures wing, (which, confusingly enough, used to be Universal’s genre division) and they have announced that they have hired Marcus Nispel as their director for the project.  As a director, Nispel has cooled in Hollywood.  His remake of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre was the first one that really got studios to realize that these films could be done right.  It’s just too bad so few have been able to do that again, which also includes Friday the 13th, which was another Nispel film, along with Pathfinder and Conan The Barbarian remakes that didn’t do as well at the box office.

With the history of this property so far, if fans don’t like the choice, they shouldn’t wait with baited breathe, this project has seen the run around and come back again, so it could be a while yet before this gets moving.  At the same time, everyone involved with the project has been relatively new in Hollywood, Nispel’s presence may mean they’re serious in getting the film made, and soon.  Only time will tell, and when there are any updates or casting, we’ll be the first to let you know.


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