Guillermo Del Toro Not Directing Star Wars: Episode VII


Good to know.

One thing that will most likely become an annoyance over the span of 2013 is the Star Wars: Episode VII rumors. Right now we’re at the stage where directors will simply confirm or deny their involvement, with nothing else to add, aside from maybe who they think should take over the reins.

Director Guillermo del Toro is one that you can cross off the directors list, because the man is simply too wrapped up in his other projects and he probably knows that anyone taking on such a project will have a lot of fan-servicing to do.

Del Toro is currently finishing up his robot mega-action flick Pacific Rim, plus he’s locked in for writing the sequel.

I’m glad del Toro confirmed that he’s not directing this one. He’s too creative and talented to get trapped in a series that has already had its day. He does mention Brad Bird as being the one he’d want to see direct it the most.

Source : Playlist

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