Greta Gerwig Continues To Show Her Strength As An Actress In Lola Versus Trailer

If there’s one actress that manages to make a good movie even better it would have to be Greta Gerwig. Her role in the Arthur remake was the best thing about the film and she managed to earn most of the laughs in the romantic sex comedy No Strings Attached when that came out last year. Her biggest and best role until this point was in Noah Baumbach‘s Greenberg, where she co-stared alongside an unmotivated and depressed Ben Stiller.

Gerwig’s latest film Lola Versus just might be her biggest yet. She plays the titular character Lola, who must deal with a failed engagement and somehow find herself in New York City. It looks like the type of indie comedy that Gerwig will fit perfectly in and I hope it attracts some attention for her when it releases on June 8th, 2012.

The trailer for the film is excellent, touching up on the likableness of her character and the natural humor that comes with Lola’s each and every move. Some might say the film looks a little too girly, but I think the general story looks good and it shouldn’t have a problem appealing to both sexes.

Check out the trailer below (via Apple) and let me know what you think!

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