‘Green Lantern’ Rumors Galore; Chris Pine To Star? Possibly Multiple Lanterns?

WB had to do some serious Green Lantern game plan changes when the Ryan Reynolds version flopped and became one of the biggest disappoints for the studio in terms of big budget comic book movies.

Reynolds did a fine job with the character and I even thought the movie was decent, but audiences didn’t react too kindly and the studio quickly started weighing their reboot options as soon as the dust settled.

But then Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice became a reality and the whole cinematic universe thing took off without much preparation.

Now, they’ve got several solo superhero films scheduled, with a possible Batman film leading the pack now too.

So where does that leave Green Lantern?

The latest rumors suggest that he might not be alone, with multiple Lanterns entering the fold. Reynolds played Hal Jordan, but there’s also Earthlings like John Stewart and Guy Gardner that were part of the Lantern Corp.

It seems that WB may be optioning the idea to include both of those men, with another rumor suggesting that WB actually wants to keep Hal Jordan too, with Chris Pine taking on the character.

Pine is already supposed to play the love interest in Wonder Woman, so the idea of him also being Hal Jordan sounds extremely fishy, but both rumors have some valid backup claims that we’ll have to wait on before getting too worked about anything.

Source : Collider

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