Grand Theft Auto V Trailer

The official launch trailer for Grand Theft Auto V is here and it confirms previous rumors of the series going back to San Andreas. I’m perfectly fine with them revisiting a location used in my personal favorite game of the series, but let’s hope they add enough to it to warrant the revisit.

I’ve always enjoyed the GTA games, but it kind of sucks seeing the series simply rehash past efforts. San Andreas was awesome and damn near perfect for its time, why revisit it? Sure, the graphics will be updated and the detail should be a lot better, but why not visit a new place?

Lots of people were hoping they’d go international and possibly stop in Tokyo or France. I personally was holding out for a snowy setting. I’m sureĀ GTA V will deliver the goods in the areas that count, hopefully it doesn’t end up as an exact copy of San Andreas.

Check out the first official trailer for Grand Theft Auto V below.

What are your thoughts on the trailer? Are you happy with them returning to San Andreas? Do you think the voice playing throughout is indeed Tommy from Vice City?

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