Gore Verbinski’s ‘A Cure For Wellness’ Gets A Twisted Trailer

What happens to one of Disney’s most prolific directors after a financial flop as large as The Lone Ranger? Well, he goes off to make a horror film!

Gore Verbinski has been working with Disney and Johnny Depp for about a decade and now he’s returning to his horror roots — roots that haven’t been touched since The Ring.

A Cure for Wellness looks visually stunning and pulse-pounding. Dane DeHaan leads what could be the sleeper hit of February.

That time frame generally worries me, but man does this trailer look creepy, slick and like something that should be released in October, not February.

Does Verbinski belong in the dumping grounds or will this film remind us all just how great of a filmmaker he really is?

For the record, I loved The Lone Ranger and think that people will soon enough realize its greatness.


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