Godzilla has a Screenwriter!

A while back it was announced that Monsters writer/director/visual fx artist Gareth Edwards would be helming the new Godzilla reboot for Warner Brothers and Legendary Pictures, who have provided some of the best big budget genre fare over the past few years. 

Today Collider.com is announcing that David S. Goyer (the Blade movies, Nolan’s Batman movies) has been hired to write the screenplay for Edwards’ new film. 

They also revealed a few details about what they’re going for in the plot department:

“Legendary intends to approach the film and its characters in the most authentic manner possible”.

That has a lot of fans worried when you’re talking about a movie starring a giant mutant monster smashing cities and fighting other giant movies.  However, I see their point, after all, that makes sense as to why they hired Edwards to do the job, he already has one serious giant monster movie under his belt, and it’s one of the better giant monster movies I’ve ever seen, a fresh take on the genre in a post-Cloverfield world.

At the same time, many have complained of Goyer’s many misses, including the films he wrote and directed, like The Invisible, The Uninvited, and the least-favored Blade film Blade: Trinity.  At the same time, he’s made a career out of giving superhero franchises huge openings, so obviously he’s good at cleaning things up to start a franchise.

With Legendary behind this movie, of course it’s being primed for the best trajectory towards a franchise, like they try to do with all their films.   Will this one work out?  What do you think?

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