God Forbid Equilibrium Review

God Forbid is back again to bring you their sixth studio album since their formation in 1996. Equilibrium brings a full packed punch with non-stop drums and a wall of bass and guitars to seal in your metal imprisonment. Over 15 years, these guys have been rocking the shit and Equilibrium is the epitome of their cumulative rocking.

Equilibrium starts out heavy with songs like Don’t Tell Me What To Dream and My Rebirth that bust out some fast double kicks and sweet shredding guitars. Guitarists Mack Wicklund and Doc Coyle trading riffs back and forth, making for a very active mix.

Most of the album pounds through with the same hard-hitting metalcore vibe with lots of chugging and guitar harmonies. They switch from screaming to singing very fluently, an example being This is Who I Am.

One song that sticks out for me is Scraping the Walls. This melodic beast brings a very intense, white-knuckled singing chorus with some awesome guitar work behind it and blasting drums that combined form a wall of awesome that destroys most in its path. To me, this is easily their best piece on the album.

Another good track is the instrumental Awakening. It begins with subtle reversed sounding guitars and a lone solo guitar until a fat rhythm guitar comes in and brings with a storm of intensity as the track busts into a very solid guitar solo.

The production of Equilibrium seems as top notch as it can get for modern metal. The drums are hard pounding and the guitar tones are sick. One flaw I can find is that the vocals seems to far down in the mix. Sometimes the guitars and drums can get too overwhelming and you can hardly make out the vocals.

The performances of each band member sounds exceptional. I can’t really find any flaws in anything of the album, and that is how it should be with these larger productions. Good job team!

Overall, I would say God Forbid’s Equilibrium makes the cut as what metalcore is today. It reminds me very much of the works of All That Remains and Killswitch Engage, with plenty of chugging and guitar harmonies left and right. With that, though, you can’t give them much credit (besides their musicianship) for creating anything groundbreaking or new with the genre. Metalcore is metalcore, bitch. You hear one song; you’ve heard ‘em all.

Equilibrium – 7.25/10

Track Listing:

  1. Don’t Tell Me What to Dream
  2.  My Rebirth
  3.  A Few Good Men
  4.  Scraping The Walls
  5.  Conquer
  6.  Equilibrium
  7.  Overcome
  8.  Concerned
  9.  This is Who I Am
  10.  Move On
  11.  Awakening
  12.  Pages
  13.  Where We Come From

Equilibrium is available now via Victory Records

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