Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Sequel Won’t Be Coming Until 2014 Or Later

Sony’s The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo made some respectable cash when it came out last year around the holiday season. It didn’t set records or exceed expectations, but it did fairly well for an R-rated drama that deals with lots of sex and violence. A sequel is a must, if only to continue the planned trilogy. Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara are locked in for two more films, but director David Fincher is not.

The sequel hasn’t been rushed into production and now Entertainment Weekly is saying we shouldn’t expect The Girl Who Played with Fire until 2014 or later. This also goes as a reminder that Fincher isn’t even for sure coming back. He’s mentioned interest, but he’s also discussed handing off the sequel to someone else.

His direction and tone is the primary reason TGWTDT worked so well and I’d hate to see him drop the series this quickly.

Are you still holding out for the sequel? Would you be as excited if Fincher wasn’t involved?

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