Gina Carano Follows Haywire With In The Blood

January has been very kind to us movie goers. A month that’s usually known as the dumping grounds for unwanted films has somehow turned into a month that provided a wide range of variety, including an old-school approach to the spy/action game with Steven Soderbergh‘s Haywire. The films female lead, Gina Carano, has signed onto her next project, which is starting to sound more and more like a bad idea.

The film is titled In the Blood and it’s being directed by Into the Blue and Blue Crush director John Stockwell. The problem with this news isn’t just the director, but also the screenwriters. Bennett Yellin and James Robert Johnston will be working on the script. Their previous work includes the always lovable Joy Ride 2: Dead Ahead.

So that leaves you with two below-average screenwriters and one so-so director. I’m just worried Gina Carano is going to turn out to be another one hit wonder. Haywire was such an achievement of a film, so much that I doubt she’ll be able to follow it properly, especially attached to In the Blood, which is apparently a female starring version of Taken.

The film is about a wife, whose husband mysteriously vanishes while on a Caribbean vacation. Carano plays the wife who goes to hell and back to find him. It sounds kind of lame, but if it were in the hands of someone more skilled I’d be willing to give it a shot.

I really hope Carano doesn’t become a straight-to-video level actress or someone that’s willing to sign onto any film if the paycheck is right.

Are you a fan of Carano after seeing Haywire? Does In the Blood sound like the right direction to be heading in?

(via THR)

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