Ghost Recon Series To Become A Film


Ubisoft is really getting their shit down to a T. First, we heard about Michael Fassbender attaching himself to an Assassin’s Creed live-action film and then we heard about Tom Hardy playing Sam Fisher in a Splinter Cell adaptation.

There couldn’t possibly be more video games to get turned into movies over at Ubisoft….right? Well, I guess not, because Ubisoft Motion Pictures chief Jean-Julien Baronnet sort of let out a piece of news that says they’re developing a Ghost Recon film.

Makes sense, but I’m trying to figure out how this would differentiate from typical war films, aside from bearing the Tom Clancy name on all of the posters and promotional clips.

Paul W.S. Anderson kind of ruined the idea of good video game movies after making so many tired Resident Evil films, not to mention his work on Mortal Kombat.

If Ubisoft plays it smart they could really use this exposure to their advantage, but I, as always, will remain skeptical until I see some footage.

Source : LA Times

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