Get Ready: Coilguns’ New Album ‘Commuters’ Will Claw Your Face Off!


Coilguns are one of the most exciting and downright coolest up-and-coming bands right now, hands down.  Their blend of hardcore, grind, punk, sludge, rock, and just about every other heavy genre you can think of is wholly unique and 100% badass, quite literally putting most other “genre-defying” acts to shame.  Featuring 3 of the 5 members of The Ocean:  Luc Hess (drums), Jonathan Nido (guitar), and Louis Jucker (vocals).

Since their inception the band has been releasing music like it’s uncontrollably spewing from their pores, releasing 2 splits and an EP within two years.  It doesn’t hurt that the band is notorious for recording their albums live within a week, making the malodorous sounds they create all the more inspiring.  And now, just 6 months after their split with NeverVoid, the band’s first full length, Commuters, is following closely behind.  The band has released an in-studio video for the new track “Plug-In Citizens” off of the new album, and holy mutant children of satan is it badass!  The video is shot extremely well, too, which means you need to sit your lazy ass down and watch it post-haste!

Commuters will fuck all of your faces off February 22nd!

For more info check out Pelagic Records‘ website.

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