George Lucas Ditching Blockbusters And Changing Focus To Personal Films After Red Tails

George Lucas is without a doubt one of the most influential filmmakers alive. His work on Star Wars drastically changed the way we look at not only sci-fi films, but films in general. He hasn’t done much work (directing wise) after that, but he’s no doubt continued to make an impact, bad and good on the world of movies. He lends a strong producing hand and his THX studio has helped revolutionize audio, but what’s next for the man that’s literally done it all?

The New York Times says that George Lucas plans on changing gears after Red Tails. He plans on exiting the blockbuster scene in exchange for a more personal approach.

“I’m retiring. I’m moving away from the business, from the company, from all this kind of stuff.”

Lucas sounds pretty serious. His longtime producer Rick McCallum says that Red Tails represents Lucas’ finish with blockbusters because he’s done everything he’s ever wanted to do. He’s “completed his task as a man and as a filmmaker.”

I couldn’t be more excited. George Lucas is a powerful man in the world of films and hearing that he might actually try and rekindle some old film student flames from when he made films like THX 1138 is invigorating. My favorite film of his will always be American Graffiti, but I liked various things in THX 1138. A good second viewing will probably help me better grasp the film.

His Star Wars films are good films, but man have they been beaten to death. The prequel trilogy is just three fancy light shows with barely digestible stories, while the original three films remain classics in most people’s eyes. Can you imagine how weird/awesome it’s going to be seeing a George Lucas film running only on the independent scene? Playing only at local art houses with an occasional limited release?

George Lucas making intellectual films; one’s that are full of wild ideas and personal passion sounds much better than another Star Wars re-release.

I’m really hoping this sticks because it’s been too long since mentioning Lucas’ name evoked any excitement for future projects whatsoever.


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