Gene Gregorits’ ‘Fishhooks’, ‘Intra-Coastal’ & More


Gene Gregorits‘ latest book Fishhooks is now available via Amazon, and if the indications the author has made since its release are true, it may only be available for a limited time before Facebook has it stopped completely. After watching the documentary Terms and Conditions May Apply, I would not be surprised if that’s exactly what happens, and I’ll explain why.

The book is filled with status updates from the author, and the reader is left to decipher if its sarcastic or tragically honest, and not having read it yet, I still don’t know what to make of it myself. However, the moment I get my hands on a copy, I’ll be sure to review it, in the meantime, I’m busy reading Dog Days Volume 1 & 2 for review very soon here.

To explain Gene’s writing style is to ultimately so him a disservice, as it’s not a style so much as a voice of reason, a clear head in the seas of madness. Hunter S. Thompson‘s steady diet of drugs and alcohol afforded him the cool head and sense of adventure required for his writing style, how he perceived the madness of the world. Because of that fact, Gregorits will likely always be compared to Thompson, because Gregorits simply filters the world through his mind and puts it to paper as he sees it. However, Gregorits’ view of the world pits him directly against everything vapid and petty around him, with violent and desperate consequences.

I’m doing something we rarely do here, and promoting an Indiegogo campaign for Gene Gregorits‘ upcoming book Intra-Coastal. If we ran every campaign sent to us all we would do is promote campaigns all day. However, this one has me interested because I really believe this writing will be long remembered and here we have the chance to support his output, if the campaign fails the book will be no doubt delayed at the very least.

For those intrigued, rewards for funding start as low as $10, with pre-orders of the book itself another reward, you can’t go wrong. For a lot of artists, its a daily struggle to even create art while worrying about necessities like food and shelter.
Here’s the campaign page:

In his own words:

“I am Gene Gregorits, an independent publisher and author. I have been doing this for a solid 20 years. This campaign will be used to fund the novel INTRA-COASTAL: ONE YEAR ON ST. PETE BEACH, a unique meld of crime fiction, memoir, sociological portrait, character study, and dark comedy.

I have been waiting all my life for a project this challenging, frightening, and unconventional. INTRA-COASTAL will make my previous novels DOG DAYS Vol.1 and DOG DAYS Vol. 2 look like Sunday afternoon tea parties. In only six months, I will compose an epic tale of human frailty, folly, and fiendishness.

In equal measure heartbreaking and comical, INTRA-COASTAL is a stripped down Sherman tank of a memoir with no limits and no brakes. It is bio-engineered for the most lethal forms of euphoria imaginable. It will touch you in weird spots no other book ever has. It will make you break your lease in New York or Los Angeles or Boston or Philly: you will find yourself renting a roach-infested shack from my ex-landlady Suzanne Ferry and drinking high gravity malt liquor with felons and fiends and eating raw crab meat for breakfast, wondering about the world which has all of the sudden become magical again.

INTRA-COASTAL will be the first book of its kind. Period. Between now and February 14th, 2014, I will give my entire life to it. “

Check out the videos Gene has released in support of the campaign:

If you are interested, please support it, because I want to read this book and so do a few other people. Only 2 days left to decide the fate of this book for the moment, a new concept altogether that readers have never faced before.

Images courtesy Gene Gregorits and Vice


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