‘Gears Of War’ Ultimate Edition Launch Trailer Brings Back Memories

When I think of Xbox 360 I think of one game and that’s Gears of War. Sure, Halo and Crackdown helped sell consoles, but Gears was the game that I spent countless weekends gaming with. I’d play solo campaign, co-op campaign and online religiously and it brought me so much joy — it really was one of the last games that I played from start-to-finish.

Now, it’s being re-geared for a new generation with updated graphics, extended levels and new achievements for those of you that own an Xbox One. Also, the rest of the Gears series will be available to those that buy this Ultimate Edition for free via Xbox 360 downloads that can play on the One through the use of backwards compatibility.

Gears of War Ultimate Edition hits shelves on August 25th for only $39.99.

Check out the new launch trailer down below, which should bring back some good memories for fans of the original game.

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