Gary Ross Is Officially Not Directing The Hunger Games Sequel

Just the other day Courtney filled you in on the current situation with director Gary Ross and the possibility that he’d return to direct The Hunger Games sequel titled Catching Fire, and now it looks like he’s officially out of the picture.

The Playlist has the official scoop that mentions Ross exiting the project. It’s no secret that Lionsgate did the first film for cheap, only paying Ross $3 million bucks and it looks like an increase for his commitment to the second film wasn’t the only problem. He just didn’t want to be tied down to the franchise for an extended period of time. The director is apparently reinventing himself with each new film, so it makes complete sense not to fully-commit to something that will eat up another 6 years of your life.

I for one am glad, because his direction was one of the main things I didn’t like about the film. There was just too much unstable camera work, mixed with a story that just didn’t click with me. I’m very curious to see who Lionsgate approaches as a replacement.

What about you? Are you glad that Ross is gone? Who would you like to direct the next installment?

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