Full Trailer for ‘Oz The Great and Powerful’

The full trailer for Sam Raimi‘s first Disney film Oz the Great and Powerful has finally hit the internet, and it’s interesting, to say the least.  Not that I’m surprised by any of it, but it looks like the same kind of soul-less pap that the studio passed off with Tim Burton’Alice in Wonderland, where everything looks incredibly fake, full of green screen and CGI.  Then again, that film made $1 billion dollars, so it doesn’t really matter that it was a horrible piece of over-acted crap, as long as Disney made their money.

Again, I didn’t expect anything less, but coming from Sam Raimi, I thought he might find a way to tell a story, not make a franchise starting, toy selling advertisement for an amusement park.  Maybe I’m being horribly pessimistic, but this full trailer just ruins most of the charm that the teaser held.  The fact that James Franco looks to be sleepwalking through a paint-by-numbers script doesn’t seem to be helping, and the video game-esque visuals do nothing for me.  Watch it for yourself and see if I’m just an asshole:

The film opens March 8th, 2013, so we’ll see how it is next spring.

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