Full-Length Trailer For ‘Locke’, Starring Tom Hardy


Just a couple of weeks ago I presented you with a teaser trailer for Steven Knight‘s Locke, starring Tom Hardy and now today I have a full-length US trailer, which offers up more footage and dialog, but still leaves you wondering what this film is actually all about.

It is being described as as real-time thriller and from the looks of it one can imagine a lot of the focus will be centered on its star, Tom Hardy. I tend to enjoy films that unfold as you go, but sometimes if not used wisely there ends up being a lot of dragging.

Locke doesn’t look like something that drags, but I’m still not completely sold on the idea of Hardy behind the wheel of the car for most, if not all of the running time.

Anyone else hoping they release an actual clip before lining up for this one?

New trailer below:


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