Full-Length Trailer For ‘Sinister 2’ Brings The Scares

Sinister 2 Movie

I considered Sinister a highly effective and very atmospheric horror film when it first hit theaters. Replays over time on Blu-ray revealed that the film holds up well, but not as great as my initial viewing.

I still think the writing is excellent and that Ethan Hawke was absolutely perfect as the film’s leading man, but the scares are definitely not as scary when you know that they are coming.

Now, we’ve got a sequel in the works (ugh) and it ditches the director, but keeps the writers. Ciaran Foy is directing Sinister 2, from a script by C. Robert Cargill and Scott Derrickson. It will be released in August.

Take a look at the first full-length trailer below, which introduces some new scares, but is lacking the original film’s thick atmosphere and slow-burn sense of movement.

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