Full-Length ‘Monsters University’ Trailer Finally Reveals The Point


It always disappoints me when I find out that Disney/Pixar are revisiting their character well to give us a sequel/prequel that we don’t really need. They did some great work with the Toy Story series, but there’s just something really off about a Monsters Inc. prequel. I liked Monsters Inc., but it felt complete and certainly not in need of another film, but money must be tight or something, because we’re getting another one.

Today, they’ve finally revealed the plot of this upcoming prequel. Up until now they’ve sold us on the college setting and the reminder that old friends are returning to the big screen, but what for? Now we know. The truth isn’t even that important, I guess, but the film is looking a little better with the reveal of some more gags.

John Goodman and Billy Crystal can hopefully turn this one into a fun ride for the whole family.

I just hope this gives Pixar enough money to do something creative and original again, like last year’s forgotten animated marvel Brave, which I found to be a truly great piece of cinema.

Monsters University opens on June 21st, 2013.

Check out the new trailer below:

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