Fright Night (2011) Review

I don’t remember seeing trailers for Fright Night. I only saw TV spots in the recent weeks and my thoughts were “Man, that looks fucking stupid”. I thought it looked really lame and not even Colin Farrell playing the mysteriously charming but vicious vampire will get me to see this one. No way, José. Why should I bother bringing you a review of a remake that’s original I have not seen? I won’t. I can’t do that to the reader. It goes against everything I believe and know is right in this world.

Anyway, I am here to bring you the review of a remake, in which the original I have not seen, Fright Night!

Fright Night (directed by Craig Gillespie) focuses on your average suburban kid, Charley (Anton Yelchin), and puts you in the setting of his life. Charley is in high school, he has popular friends, an unpopular friend of his past, a solid girlfriend, and a MILF of a single mother(Toni Collette). Things are going pretty well for the youngster until his childhood friend Ed (Christopher Minz-Plasse) talks to him about the number of missing classmates lately. Ed knows something is up but Charley shrugs him off like he’s a three toothed hooker on the Vegas strip. He would rather spend his time with his girlfriend Amy (Imogen Poots), than help out Ed. So Ed has to lure his dick of a friend Charley into helping him by blackmailing him with embarrassing childhood videos. They go and check out the house of one of their friends who went missing and Ed explains his crackpot theories that Charley’s neighbor Jerry (Colin Farrell) is a vampire.

He doesn’t believe a thing until the next day, Ed winds up missing. From there, Charley starts stalking Jerry like something out of Disturbia. He becomes obsessed about his discoveries and does everything to keep his girlfriend and his mother who had been flirting with Jerry away. He even goes to talk to vampire freak, Peter Vincent (David Tennant) whose stage appearance can be compared to something of Criss Angel or other “magical” douche bags. Peter turns out to be a fake. Charley explains his findings to Peter and he shrugs him off like a two toothed hooker on the Vegas strip (she lost a tooth by now).

So from there, Charley goes home and barricades the house with your stereotypical vampire repellants. Garlic, crosses, and a few wooden stakes. Shit starts to go down. Jerry wants to teach Charley a lesson for snooping around his shit, so naturally he blows up his house. The chase begins as Jerry fucks up anyone who is in his way. Here the movie kind of gets interesting with some decent action with a few jokes sprinkled in there. The movie unravels as Charley tries to save his girl and end the evil that is Jerry.

I feel like there was a lot that didn’t go right in this movie. First off was the pacing. At times it seemed to get really slow and sluggish on parts you could give two shits about, then when it gets good, it’s really brief and theres no sense of accomplishment over what you saw. There could have been 10-20 minutes that could have been shaven off of this. And yet they just rush into the reveal that Jerry was a vampire. They could have spent some time playing with that rather than Charley and his douche friends listening to The Black Keys and jerking each other off.

Second, the acting was very meh. The dialogue was cheesy and hard to get in to. His douche friends were more of a douche than what you need. At times, Imogen Poots native accent seemed to leak through her American manner of speaking. Our main character had nothing going for him. He kind of just went with what he was doing for the hell of it. He ignores his friend, who then goes missing the next day, and he jumps to such conclusion that the vampire got him so quickly. The only person I really enjoyed was Colin Farrell because he didn’t take himself seriously. He just threw in his quirky lines and gave a creepy smile.

One of the things I would say I enjoyed about the movie was the 3D. It looked very nice and when blood spurted on screen, it spurted at you. When vampires turned to ash, there was some depth in it and it actually looked like there were embers floating in front of you. To that, I say good job.

Craig Gillespie directed this one and his most notable movie is Mr. Woodcock. So you can tell that there isn’t much potential to be fantastic. As I said before, the acting wasn’t the greatest and that kind of falls on his hands.

Overall, Fright Night was a let down. I don’t know what it was a let down from, but I felt let down even with such low of standards. The acting and dialogue should be dismissed and it could have been a bit shorter. You couldn’t really get into any of the characters because there was nothing really to get into. The only redeeming quality of the movie is the 3D, which looks pretty good. Other than that, since I have not seen the original, I don’t have solid ground to base this off of but my own standards and expectation, which this didn’t surpass.

Fright Night – 6.5/10

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