Friends With Benefits Review


When I first heard about Friends with Benefits I was instantly turned off from the topic because we just recently had something of this sort come out in January (No Strings Attached). However after seeing the trailers I found myself interested in the film because it looked hilarious. Personally, it looked a lot funnier than its counterpart did. Well I had the opportunity to see Friends with Benefits just last week Wednesday and damn it was funny.

In Friends with Benefits you meet Dylan who is being sought after by Jamie, who is a headhunter for hire by companies. Upon getting into New York City for an interview, Dylan meets up with Jamie. Her whole task is to get him to take the job that is on the table for him. After some convincing Dylan takes the job and then moves to New York. Once he starts to get comfortable with this job both him and Jamie start to get to know each other outside of work. They both realize that they are emotionally damaged so they want to try and avoid the Hollywood cliche of romantic comedies. By trying to avoid them they decide that being Friends with Benefitsb is the best way. They want to add sex to their friendship that they have been building. There is a catch though. This sex must be guilt free, emotion free and it can’t mean anything. It’s only sex. Of course, this doesn’t work and they find themselves in a bind when one starts feeling more emotions towards the other.

I felt like the casting was great for this film. We have Mila Kunis as Jamie and Justin Timberlake as Dylan. The chemistry between both of them was excellent. It seemed like they were able to play off of each other very well. I found that I liked Kunis in this role, she just seemed to fit it very well. It was funny watching Timberlake sing throughout the film. Of course he has to bust out some of his moves while singing Kriss Kross. Along with Kunis and Timberlake we have the likes of Patricia ClarksonRichard JenkinsAndy Samberg, and none other than Woody Harrelson. Harrelson’s character was the icing to the cake in this movie. Once you watch the movie, you’ll understand how hilarious his character is.

Alright, you might find yourself thinking, “Well I already saw this movie when I saw No Strings Attached.” Well that is kind of the case. Yes the plot is pretty much the exact same thing except Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher, however I personally found myself liking Friends with Benefits a hell of a lot more. Don’t get me wrong I like Portman as an actress, however I feel like she wasn’t the right fit for that character she played. Kunis did a much better job playing the character in this movie.

I find it very interesting that Portman and Kunis were both in Black Swan and now they are in pretty much the same movie. From my understanding these movies were being filmed almost at the exact same time so it’s very interesting to see the differences between the two. Also what was the final verdict that allowed Portman’s No Strings Attached to hit theaters before Kunis’s Friends with Benefits? Either way, the one that would have come out second was going to have to do a lot of promoting to make up for the fact that there was a similar movie that just came out. That would explain why there have been roughly 11 different screenings for Friends with Benefits in the Minnesota area.

I kind of touched on what I liked throughout the film already but it pretty much was based around the casting. I felt like the movie was solid because they brought in the right people. Kunis and Timberlake were excellent in Friends with Benefits. The supporting cast was hilarious as well. Personally I would recommend this movie even if you have seen No Strings Attached. I’m going to stand by my statement earlier where I said that I thought Portman didn’t seem right for the role in that movie. Kunis plays the character much better. I just wish this movie would have came out first so it wouldn’t get the negativity that it’s going to receive because it’s similar to No Strings Attached.

Friends with Benefits – 8.5/10

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