Free Agency Clusterf…

An update on the NFL labor situation would be in order here. The seemingly national nightmare that was the NFL Lockout ended on July 25th. While the end of the NFL Lockout was good for the game and it’s fans, its end also brought a whirlwind of headaches for teams’ coaching and front office staffs. A slew of Free Agents hit the market at exactly the same time and teams got into bidding wars like a bunch of crazed eBay bidders on crank.

The most notable oddities that occurred out of this frenzy was the Eagles’ signing of shut-down Corner Nnamdi Asomugha, Wideout Sidney Rice signing with the Seahawks, and Tight End Zach Miller signing with the Seahawks as well. The whole thing shook out like a typical movie scene on the floor of the NYSE, and we’re still not at the end of it yet. Oh, and Wide Receiver Randy Moss shockingly retired.

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