Frank Grillo Returning For ‘The Purge 3’

The Purge really helped kick-off the Blumhouse Productions company as the go-to label for basically anything mainstream horror-related and even smaller sci-fi/horror products on VOD.

The Ethan Hawke-starring flick was written and directed by James DeMonaco and it did so well that he followed it up rather quickly with the far superior sequel titled The Purge: Anarchy.

The Purge was a decent blend of home invasion horror with a unique sci-fi concept of all crime being legalized for 24 hours.

It worked, but it overstayed its welcome in my mind, while Anarchy was a full-on revenge flick, with star Frank Grillo basically playing The Punisher in a twisted game of cat and mouse with various psychos and murderers.

It was a sequel that managed to be every bit better than the original and now it looks like Grillo will be returning for The Purge 3.

James DeMonaco is set to write and direct the film for a July 1st 2016 release, which means filming will commence this September.

I for one am all for another Grillo-starring Purge film, because it’s the closest that we’re going to get to a Punisher film until the character debuts in Daredevil Season 2, plus I’ve always pegged Grillo as perfect casting for Punisher.

Thoughts on this news?

Source : Variety

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