Fox Unhappy with ‘Chronicle 2’ Script

Since Max Landis was hired to write the follow up to Chronicle earlier this year, fans have been eagerly anticipating what the film will be like.  His father John Landis has spoken with ThePlaylist about Fox‘s concerns with the script he turned in.

The elder Landis said “He wrote a sequel and it’s amazing, and the studio read it and said ‘We want Chronicle again!” and he said ‘No, this is the sequel, it’s the evolution’, and they said ‘No, we want that movie again!’ so it’s difficult, we’re dealing with a difficult business.”

Now, I read the original Chronicle script when it first became a hit with agents and producers in Hollywood, and was mostly unimpressed with the basic storyline, corny dialogue, and generally predictable nature of the work.  However, I was impressed with how the final film turned out, mostly due to the strong performances of the cast, and the interesting direction of Josh Trank.

I’m not sure the same magic can be captured again, especially with a different director, but it looks like Fox is uncomfortable taking a chance outside the established framework of the first film.   Josh Trank is moving on to bigger (if not necessarily better) things in the Fantastic Four reboot and possibly even the Venom movie.  I guess only time will tell if the studio decides to move along with Landis’ script, or if they’ll bring in another writer to take a stab at more of the same, or if the sequel will stall out from this point on.


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