Fox Still Planning Back-to-Back Independence Day Sequels?

Today Collider is reporting that there is further movement on Fox’s plans to move forward with a pair of sequels to the 1996 blockbuster Independence Day.  While director Roland Emmerich has become the go-to guy for big budget nonsense blockbusters, this week he is releasing a small drama called Anonymous.  It still seems he would return to direct at least one of the films if they do happen.  Fox is reporting that both scripts are written, now the last hitches are being sorted out, but they’re some pretty big hitches.

Star Will Smith has apparently expressed interest in starring in the films, but he has a few demands to get that process started.  Namely, the biggest hurdle is his $50 million price tag to star in both films, that has Fox worried off the bat I suppose, I doubt they like that their pre-production budget would run to nearly $100 million just from the star and director’s salaries.

In addition to money though, Smith apparently wants to shoot close to home so he can be with his family, and since it’s Smith, he apparently wants his daughter Willow and wife Jada involved in some fashion.

However, Fox apparently isn’t afraid to make the films without him, as they said they would do if that becomes the only option.  With the scripts due to be turned in mid-December, I’m sure we’ll hear more on this as it develops, but with Smith picking his projects with these deep parameters, I’m curious to see how Fox reacts.  It also begs the question, if Smith is a no-go, would they just recast the role, or change the character entirely?  Would they be looking at rewrites?  All questions we’ll keep you updated on as we hear it.

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