Fox Plans To Reboot ‘Hitman’ With Paul Walker In ‘Agent 47’


In 2007 Fox adapted the highly-popular Hitman video game franchise into a film. I thought it was decent and it ended up making about $100 million dollars worldwide, which isn’t super impressive, but still a nice load of cash. Timothy Olyphant played the bald-headed super-assassin with a certain amount of cold intensity that I appreciated.

I remember several times reading about Fox wanting him back for a sequel, but he didn’t want to give up his gig on Justified, which is a smart move on his part.

Now it looks like they want to reboot it, hiring A Good Day to Die Hard writer Skip Woods and Michael Finch (Predators) to pen the script, which is being called Agent 47. They’ve also gone on to hire commercial director Aleksander Bach to direct the film.

The biggest surprise here is who they’ve cast to play the leading role. Paul Walker.

Yes, that Paul Walker.

Why in the hell would they hire Paul Walker to lead a Hitman reboot? This is sounding horrible right out of the gate.

Source : Deadline

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