Fox & Marvel’s ‘New Mutants’ Trailer Looks Like A Straight-Up Horror Flick

We may be living in the golden age of comic book movies, which means that with each success comes the chance for opportunity and growth. Disney and Marvel may be sticking to their usual, expanding their established characters each year, while introducing us to new ones that further the cosmos as well. They’re growing and changing, yet kind of remaining the same.

That is why Fox is starting to branch out as “the” studio for comic book movie change. They changed the game with the R-rated Deadpool and then they took it another step further with the slow-burn deconstruction (and also R-rated) Logan.

Now, they’ve got New Mutants on their hands, which looks like a straight-up horror flick and I absolutely love it.

This first trailer almost makes your forget that you’re watching a Marvel joint, with its constant homages to classics like A Nightmare on Elm Street.

The best thing about the trailer is the fact that it doesn’t look or feel like a knock off or a gimmick, but instead an actual installment of the genre.

Will that remain true once the film hits theaters or will Fox get cold feet and try to make this look and feel more like a traditional X-Men film?



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