Fox Hires Max Landis to Write ‘Chronicle 2’

Deadline is reporting that after grossing more than $100 million at the box office, it’s no wonder Fox has hired Max Landis to come back to write the sequel to the smash superhero found footage movie.  Said to be made for less than $40 million (including the major advertising blitz they poured money into), the film was an unexpected hit for the studio, who originally commissioned it as a super low budget found footage movie.  The ending to the film left it open to a sequel, or even a possible explanation as to what actually happened to the characters in the first film.

This continues a streak of unprecedented success for the young writer, who has a Frankenstein re-boot set up at Fox, he’s writing the next Ron Howard film Amnesty, he’s writing the big budget Pied Piper film at Fox, and Disney just bought a pitch from him said to be a teen sci-fi film.  We’ll see how accurate that ends up being, but in the meantime, work will commence on the script for Chronicle 2.

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