Fox Eying Joe Carnahan For Daredevil Reboot, But Will They Have Time Before Oct. Deadline?

It’s no secret that Fox is running out of time on their Daredevil property. If they don’t get a film going by October 10th of this year the rights will revert back to Marvel, which is now owned by the kid-friendly Disney. Fox hasn’t been too hot to greenlight a sequel to the 2003 failure, which starred Ben Affleck as the blind warrior.

Variety is reporting that Fox has been eying The Grey director Joe Carnahan to direct a Daredevil reboot which is being described as a “Frank Miller-esque, hardcore 70s thriller”.

Word is that Marvel might allow Fox to extend the deadline in exchange for some of their characters attached to the Fantastic Four universe, which is getting the reboot treatment by Chronicle‘s Josh Trank.

I for one would love to see what Carnahan would do with the R-rated character. He might possibility be able to successfully adapt a comic-book character that most have all but forgotten.

I doubt Disney would do much with the rights if they revert back. They’d probably just sit on them, much like what they’re currently doing with Blade and The Punisher.

Expect more news to follow closely as contracts get signed and rights get shifted/stay in house.

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