Fox Buys New Comedy from Creator of ‘Life and Times of Tim’

Somehow, The Life and Times of Tim made it to three full season on HBO.  The animated show was uncomfortably hilarious throughout, and although it constantly suffered from low ratings, HBO let it run for three full seasons of Larry David-esque humor, where the title character inadvertently gets into horrible situations that make him look like a sociopath.  I was a huge fan of the show, and terribly sad to see it go, but thanks to Fox, creator Steve Dildarian will be returning to TV soon.

The channel has put in a purchase order for his latest project, The Commuters.  The show is a single-camera office comedy about a group of co-workers who share misadventures on their daily drive from New Jersey to New York.  While the logline isn’t a stand out “That’s hilarious!” idea, with Dildarian behind it, it’s sure to hold at least a few laughs every episode.

The only drawback is Fox is notorious for pulling shows without giving them the chance to grow.  The Life and Times of Tim had a very small, but very dedicated cult following, and without HBO standing behind the show, it would have never lasted as long as it did.  On Fox (where it was originally pitched), I have a feeling that it would have never even made it to a full season.  Hopefully The Commuters will be given a chance to find an audience, as Dildarian’s dry humor is tough to get into for mass audiences.

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