Fourth & Final Trailer For ‘Pacific Rim’


I don’t think I need to hide my excitement for Guillermo del Toro‘s Pacific Rim. I claimed it to be my most-anticipated film of July for a reason. I cannot wait to witness first-hand the biggest-looking action film of the summer on the nearest IMAX screen in 3D (partial sigh).

People have been complaining and complaining about the lack of human focus in most of these trailers and I can certainly see why that would worry most, but I must reinforce the fact that this is directed by del Toro and not someone like Michael Bay.

Bay does good VFX work with his Transformers films, but del Toro does good EVERYTHING with all of his films. He’s a storyteller with a unique visual eye and finally he’s been given a gigantic budget. It doesn’t look like he’s wasted a single penny shaping and sculpting such a massive-looking film.

WB claims that the film is tracking poorly and I do not give a shit, because I know where I’ll be when the film opens on July 12th.

Check out the final trailer below:

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