Foursquare Branching Off, Adding New Swarm App


Foursquare use to be one of the most popular apps used on mobile devices. Now, it’s mostly a niche thing, with people simply using it to check-in to new locations and earn points and badges to compete amongst their friends.

People have been slowly branching away from Foursquare, ever since Google and Facebook started creating their own versions of check-in apps to compete with the popular service, but now the company is looking to make some big changes, including branching off into two separate apps for two completely different experiences that will hopefully come together.

Starting within the next few weeks, Foursquare is going to shift away from being a check-in app and focus more heavily on becoming a discovery app, like Yelp and many popular suggestion-based apps. In addition to that update, they’re going to introduce a new app called Swarm, which will takeover the focus on check-ins and organize around meeting up with your friends at nearby places.

Think of it like AIM or YIM, when you use to know which friends were online or which friends were away. Now, you’ll be able to know which friends are close and what they’re doing and for how long they’ve been active. Their goal is to create an experience that allows for plenty of interactivity and something that’s a bit more personal.

Mayor titles will be shared and competed among friends and not just based on locations, plus points will stick around with the introduction of stickers, while badges are rumored to get an overhaul this summer.

The question still remains, do people really want to know where others are and do people really want others to know where they are? Some say yes, with Facebook and Twitter almost always forming around what people are doing and with who, but now Swarm and Foursquare plan on making that slightly more personal and precise in a way that could help sculpt and change the mobile smartphone landscape once more.

I personally hope it makes a big enough splash and holds on, because Foursquare has always been more fun when there’s actually other people you know using it, opposed to be the only one constantly checking into places.

The Foursquare app is said to be getting a new overhaul this summer, while Swarm has been announced for iOS and Android over the next coming weeks, with a Windows Phone app to come “shortly” after.

Are you going to be trying out the new app?

Source : Foursquare

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