Four Disney Classics To Get 3D Re-Releases

The Lion King has been sucking in tons of money ever since its 3D re-release a few weeks back. It took the top spot at the box office for two weekends in a row and was finally bumped down to number 3 this past weekend. This next bit of news may come as no surprise for most of you, but Walt Disney is now planning on re-releasing 4 of their “classic” titles in the next coming years in 3D. I’m sure this is all part of some master plan by Disney, but you can’t really blame them for acting so fast after getting back the impressive numbers from The Lion King re-release.

I understand why Disney is doing this, but I still don’t understand why people are going to see these films. All of the films have been out on DVD for years now, with Blu-ray releases either happening or scheduled. With the innovative technology of today people can own and watch 3D Blu-rays in their homes and not have to pay the incredibly expensive prices at the cinemas, so why on Earth are people doing it?

The Lion King confuses me the most, since the DVD has been widely available for a while and the Blu-ray just came out on Tuesday. Why would you pay to see a movie in 3D at the theater when you could just buy it on Blu-ray 3D (or 2D) a few weeks later and watch it as much as you want at home? It just doesn’t make any sense at all, especially considering that this is a family movie and taking a family of five to a 3D movie isn’t a cheap adventure, especially if you calculate concession costs too!

Whatever, if you want to continue to throw your money away then go see Disney’s re-releases in post converted 3D. Don’t support new films by new filmmakers that need all the support they can get in a world full of sequels/prequels and reboots. Don’t show Hollywood that you want fresh new content, show them that you want the same shit you saw ten years ago, but with an added surcharge, I mean dimension!

Here is the schedule, thanks to Box Office Mojo.

The Little Mermaid (in 3D) – 09/13/13

Monsters, Inc. (in 3D) – 01/18/13

Finding Nemo (in 3D) – 09/14/12

Beauty and the Beast (in 3D) – 01/13/12

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