Founding Saliva Member Leaves and is Already Replaced

In other singer departure news, Saliva’s founding front man, Josey Scott, has apparently left the band quietly. What’s even more interesting is that he was already replaced!

The new singer will be Bobby Amaru, former drummer of Burn Season and lead vocals of his solo project Amaru.

Thanks to Noisecreep for the story and this video they dug up of some work of Bobby Amaru.

And it’s not even done there! Either things move fast with the Southern radio-rock band or this has all been quiet for quite some time, but the new version of Saliva has already recorded a few songs and is looking for record labels to pick them up.

In all honesty, I don’t even care about Saliva anymore. Thinking back now, they only had about ¾ of a good album (1/4 Every Six Seconds and 1/2 Back Into Your System). The band started going downhill once founding guitarist Chris D’Abaldo ditched them. Their content turned in to mushy alternative rock and then into what seemed like a parody of what they used to be.

The band isn’t the same anymore, but maybe with the departure of Josey Scott, this band can get turned around. I don’t have high hopes, but I will sure give it a listen. Maybe Amaru will give spark to the broken machine that is Saliva.

Then again, maybe not.

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