Four More Names Added To Justice League Directors List

I promised this list days ago and I feel real guilty for letting it totally slip my mind, but here it is.

Warner Brothers have been eying several directors to pursue their upcoming live-action Justice League film. We’ve already covered Ben Affleck and The Wachowskis and now we have a few more names for you to mull over.

Peter Georgiou of Thinkmcflythink revealed this tweet:

Ratner means he’s referring to Brett Ratner, who last directed Tower Heist and also had a hand in the Rush Hour trilogy. Not the greatest choice if you want to make a film of actual quality and not just a big-budget generic blockbuster.

Fleischer means Ruben Fleischer. He’s mostly worked on comedy so far, with Zombieland and 30 Minutes or Less under his belt. His upcoming film Gangster Squad will give us a better look at his ability to tackle more dramatic material with a bigger cast. I think it’s a little too early to tell if Fleischer could properly pull it off.

McG is the hack responsible for Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle, Termination Salvation and This Means War. The latter of the three proved that he can do romantic comedies with an action twist, but his work on the fourth Terminator film was far from great. He is in no way ready to take control of such a big project.

Last, but not least is Zack Snyder. His name actually makes the most sense, because he’s directing the upcoming Superman reboot Man of Steel. It has been said that Henry Cavill‘s Superman will be featured in Justice League, so why not hire a man known for his visual eye to help keep the tone the same across the board? Watchmen is my all-time favorite comic-book movie adaptation and Man of Steel is shaping up nicely, so I’m all for Snyder taking on Justice League.

Which director is your personal favorite for the material?

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